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Download Go Server and Go Agent for Free

You need to download both the server and the agent in order to use Go.

If you need help downloading, installing or using Go please join the Go Users Google Group. ThoughtWorks also provides commercial help for Go. They can be reached at

Latest supported release (v14.2) (What's new)

Operating System Download
You need to download both.
SHA1 Checksum
Server + Agent
Server SHA1: 49b3be2d94c2169dd255a85495fd4a434a988b51
Agent SHA1: 5cdee114e0e39b90bca129739d25717b8fc7ac89
Mac OS X
Server + Agent
Server SHA1: 51307f62ff7a42ddf4a26c5fc642108d3760365b
Agent SHA1: 429e70fb8b4c87afcf74119da5b855905d0a840a
Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, ...)
Server + Agent
Server SHA1: 5f66e4effde11695f606270ea0eb27eb36226033
Agent SHA1: 365388d36f84e7a47177217f372ae128380e04f1
Linux (Redhat, CentOS, ...)
Server + Agent
Server SHA1: cbc19b8da7989e830ee73abd100fd3e6
Agent SHA1: 9c980c18a86ba59161a3ef1b2a7e8a2e
Server + Agent
Server SHA1: 6a0e15e0e42fa9335bd0e684bae39c6e2e7a722c
Agent SHA1: dc0ff825ac38c7cf8f59c3d802a6aa4a6053f7a1
Server + Agent
Server SHA1: bc8d09556d8c6f160ea74d6b8e44c9d63bb23b78
Agent SHA1: 8ab128c9aae4ad1c8b61b5dcb66c5c3d19d5fbd7